identity design

The Bonbon Co. is a Mumbai based food franchise that offers sweet & savoury desserts in a fast food fashion.

The Bonbon Co.

Food & Beverages



A dollop of dessert

Name sweet name

With a zillion brand names all around us, it is a challenge yet an exciting process to choose the right brand name. Bon Bon, a french word meaning sweet, gives a hint that it is a food related brand that attracts the customers.

Scoop of work

In order to build a loyal & memorable brand, we designed end-to-end creative that stimulated positive brand associations. We handled the project right from inception – worked on brand identity, messaging, positioning, promotions and kiosk design.

Gone are the days when you’d find a pamphlet in a newspaper or flyers flying out the moment you open your front door. We brought them back. Unlike the pamphlets from the 90s, we kept it clean & catchy.

Targeted touch points


‘Jingle bells, jingle bells..’ reminiscing the Christmas holidays with loved ones sharing desserts & sweets. Inspired by the jingle idea, we sprinkled the tagline on the way & designed a motif in the background that could transverse onto digital communication.

Savour the Dessert Decor

Crafted with colourful wallpapers, quirky frames & luminous signage, the compact dessert parlour was renovated in close collaboration with Theta One designs & Addition Outdoors which radiated a cheerful ambience.