identity design

"I am a Traveler, not a Tourist." Wanderworld adopted this trend and offered luxury and personalized tour packages that deliver unique experiences.




DREam . Travel . Repeat«

Explore the Unexplored

Sure, Solang Valley is one of the famous valleys in the snow laden state of Himachal Pradesh, everyone must get a sight of. But ever heard of Tirthan valley, which is the best kept secret in Northern India?


An identity which captures the essence of high ranges, helped connect their target audience with the brand, with their desire to explore the himalyan ranges themselves.

Outdoor branding

Travel is all about selling holidays with slick, eye-catchy digital itineraries, attractively laid out with high quality pictures of snow capped mountains and sun-kissed beaches.

An Identity which reflects at every brand touch point during a trip


The social media campaign for the year 2019, with visuals designed to touch the emotions of wanderlust people, helped Wanderworld with increase in viewer traffic and enquries

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